Welcome to Rudolfinerhaus Campus
the first choice for nursing education!

Our educational institution has a long tradition. It was founded as the first nursing school in Austria by Dr. Theodor Billroth (1829-1894), a famous 19th century surgeon, in 1882. The establishment of the educational institution in 1875 was preceded by the foundation of the Rudolfiner Association – Rotes Kreuz. The aim of the association is the theoretical and practical education and training of highly qualified careers.


For this purpose, Rudolfinerhaus was built as a teaching hospital in 1875. The Rudolfiner Association – Red Cross acts as a sponsoring organization of Rudolfinerhaus Campus. With our educational offers we respond to a current societal change that impacts on the health care system and will increasingly expand the fields of action and competencies of care. Counseling and health promotion are the main tasks of nursing. This change is not only accompanied by a higher demand for nurses, but due to the complexity of the problems, it also requires trained staff.

Only high-quality training and continuing education can guarantee that nursing can use its present and future potential and fulfill its social mission. It is our aim to offer high quality nursing education and to make our contribution to sustainable answers to the demands of healthcare. Great importance is attached to Rudolfinerhaus’s own culture, education and development, and we give space to development processes and support them. Our objectives are achieved thanks to appropriate framework conditions, primarily through committed and competent staff and lecturers. What makes us unique for students and participants of our educational programs:

    • We have been a model in the development of the nursing profession for over 130 years.

      We are the first educational care institution in Austria (founded in 1882). Therefore we have the longest experience in the teaching of nursing.
      An innovative approach is part of is our tradition.

      • We are the birthplace of nursing science in Austria and have offered nursing education at an academic level since 2008.
      • Rudolfinerhaus graduates have shaped and played a decisive role in the development of the nursing profession.
    • We promote our students’ potential through individual attention.

      Targeted support is given because we see learning as an individual, active and lifelong development process.

      • An optimal learning environment is achieved by working in small groups and through integration of innovative learning concepts. Learning objectives are identified and formulated by our staff together with students.
      • In the well-stocked library, our librarian accompanies the learner in literature searches for written theses.
      • We place great importance on a respectful approach to people.
    • Close links between theory and practice means experiencing and reacting to theory.

      A common didactic concept of campus and teaching hospital guarantees optimum theorypractice transfer. This is achieved by:

      • Instructions in nursing practice by teachers and trained instructors,
      • Targeted and structured learning situations,
      • Workshops as a preparation for real patient situations,
      • Courses involving experts in the field.
    • Theory and practice evolve together and influence each other - a mutually enriching experience.

      This dynamic of mutual inspiration and the demand for high quality care create common, steady, reflected and visionary development. This is achieved through:

      • Close cooperation in working groups for education and nursing practice,
      • Information exchange with the Department of Care Development, Selection of topics from practice for the bachelor theses,
      • Pursuing content concepts and priorities such as “evidence-based practice”, “patient education” and the joint creation of further education and training programs.

      This joint thematic orientation focuses our actions on patient-oriented, research-based nursing guided by ethics of “caring”.

Students and participants benefit from close collaboration between campus and our private clinic-the main objective of Rudolfinerhaus-as well as from our networking and cooperation with selected partners. They are largely responsible for our success and implementation of our projects. I must mention at this point the highly successful and effective cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt with which our institution has offered the bachelor degree program “Healthcare and Nursing” since 2010. Leading members from our house prepared and followed the transition from basic nursing education to an academic level. This development is also reflected in the change of name from ”School for General Nursing and Healthcare” to “Rudolfinerhaus Campus” in 2011. A progressive and innovative approach is traditional in our house. Rudolfinerhaus is a pioneer in identifying social development needs and own development potentials.

I place great importance on continuing the traditions of our history and consider continuity and development as equally important. I particularly like the idea that our graduates act as multipliers for values worth being passed on from generation to generation. For me personally these values are based on three related convictions that are interdependent: Belief in the importance of education, importance of respect, benevolence and tolerance towards people -a basis for any idea of patient-oriented, individual care-, and finally the belief that it is possible to keep enthusiasm for his profession alive. In this spirit, I wish you a good working relationship and look forward to welcoming you to Rudolfinerhaus.

Mag.a Elisabeth Sittner
Director and Program Director of „Healthcare and Nursing“